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  • Lacey Black – Expect Me
  • Book 3 in the Rivers Edge Series (Can be read as a standalone)
  • Rating – 5 Stars *****


Two strangers. One night that changes everything.

 Travis Stevens struggles to move on and forget about the amazing night he spent tangled up in the sheets with a beautiful women who disappeared just before dawn. Now she’s just a memory that he can’t ignore. But what do you do when the women invades your thoughts day and night?

Josselyn McCray spent one perfect night wrapped up in the strong arms of a handsome stranger before running out in the early morning light. Now she’s out of money and luck and forced to make some life altering decisions about her future. A future that’s going to involve the man she hasn’t been able to forget.

Brought together by one night of passion. Travis and Josselyn are now linked together forever. Will Travis & Josselyn be torn apart by demanding responsibilities and the stresses of getting to know each other? Or will they overcome the odds and find their way to happily every after.

One thing is certain: Life’s isn’t what you expect.

                                                   REVIEW – 5 STARS

Lacey is an up and coming author with incredible potential. Expect Me is the third book in her Debut Series Rivers Edge. I accidently stumbled across her first book Trust Me and have been hooked ever since.

Travis Stevens is the second to youngest of the five Stevens kids. He is loyal, loving, swoon worthy aswell as hardworking.  

Josselyn McCray is one of two children with having a sister, but doesn’t have much to any contact with her family; instead having her gay bestfriend Matty who’s there for her throughout  everything.

Travis & Joss meet and hook up one night after a party and have one explosive fun time..

I can’t take the delay any longer. I need to see her, touch her, feel her skin against mine. I rip the shirt open with one fast, forceful motion, raining little white buttons all over my cheap linoleum floor. She’s standing there, panting, with her white lace bra peeking out from underneath the now destroyed white dress shirt.


After Joss sneaks out in the morning they both don’t hear from each other for 2 months untill she comes knocking at Travis’ door with a bombshell.

They decided to tackle the new revelation head on and are doing a fantastic job untill Travis gets distracted by work and tehcinally neglects Joss. I fully empathised with her feelings during this whole ordeal especially when she was going through medical problems with the pregnancy and basically doing it alone as Travis was always working. With being diagnosed with Pre Eclampsia myself with my first, I found Lacey done a fabulous job creating the sceanerio and placing the feelings that Joss was feeling. 

The whole book had so much emotion packed in to it, which was awesome. there was heat, romance, happy times aswell as some sad moments. One emotional time for me was when Travis came home to find Joss wasn’t there..

I do know that this emptiness I feel in my chest, this horrible ache I feel isn’t going away anytime soon. No. Without Josselyn I feel empty and alone. I know that tonight is going to be the longest and probably the worst night of my life.

The ending was the perfect way to finish and I just love a good old epilogue! 

Each book in the series can be read as a standalone but I fully recommend reading them in order to get the full effect! Well done Lacey on another amazing book and I cannot wait for Protect Me to release in April.


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