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Welcome Guys!

My names Abbey. I’m 25 years old and originally from Bristol, UK but now live in Auckland, NZ.  I have been married to my Davey for almost 5 Years and we have two beautiful children together aged 3 and half and 13 months!

I have always been a fan of reading ever since I was little, but as i grew up I just didn’t do it as much. I can remember a friend of mine suggesting i read the first Twilight book so i borrowed it off her and read it straight – literally stayed up untill god knows what time reading and then messaged her in the morning and was like ‘ Hey, uhm do you have New Moon?’ She ended up dropping the rest of series to mine and read them all my Monday morning. Literally started Friday Avo and read straight through!

Life then got in the way of reading, marriage, jobs, moving as such and then came along my daughter. When she was just turning 1 was when Fifty Shades of Grey came out and I remember seeing all the hype about it all over the web so I went out to my local store and purchased it…Can I Just say i was not disappointed! and it most definitely re awakened my reading buzz – alas it didn’t last for long as life once again got between me and reading and it want until my son was born almost 2 years later that I was sat at home bored, flicking through the App store on my iPad that I came across the Kindle App. I downloaded it and was like oh dear this could be dangerous?! So I started surfing through Amazon and thought to my self  ‘I could do with escaping reality for a bit’ so I downloaded the Fifty Shades trilogy and read it off my Ipad…. then I started getting emails from Amazon recommending ‘BOOKS SIMILAR TO WHAT YOU HAVE VIEWED’ well let just say that was the end for me… or a quote from Rachel Van ‘Dyken’s – Ruin Series sums it up perfectly…

“Remember what I said, sometimes the end is the beginning”

I’m not here to make a big splash in the blogasphere, I am just here to review the books I love to read and if you get something from it – then all the better.


Lots of Love




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