**Review** K. Bromberg – Slow Burn

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  • K. Bromberg – Slow Burn
  • Standalone
  • Rating – 5 Stars *****


One night. That’s all it was supposed to be . . .
Reeling from the sudden loss of her sister, Haddie Montgomery has sworn off relationships. All she wanted from Beckett Daniels was a sexy distraction to help her escape her pain for just a little while . . .There weren’t supposed to be any strings attached-so why can’t she shake the memory of that unforgettable night from her thoughts? Or the taste of his kiss from her lips?
No matter how hard Haddie tries to forget about him, Becks relentlessly tries to prove that she should start living for today. But she is determined to avoid romantic commitment, and she can always use her ex-boyfriend’s reappearance to help snuff out the slow burn within her that Becks has sparked . . .
Or will fate force her to realize that this kind of connection doesn’t come along very often and a chance at love is worth the risk?


As a big Fan of the Driven Trilogy, I along with everyone else had high hopes for Slow Burn..
As far as im concerned Kristy knocked it out of the park with this book. Obviously she has a tough job ahead of her, to differentiate Slow Burn from Driven,Fueled and Crashed and in my eyes she succeeded.

Becks & Haddie were firm favorites of mine during the trilogy so I was excited to find out they had their own book coming out. What with Becks’ top advice & Haddie’s Haddism’s things were bound to be explosive right?

Well, all I can say is expect the unexpected with this book! I was actually knocked for six when i read it for the first time. It was so addicting – i started reading at 4am (don’t judge – i was up giving my youngest a bottle when i had the email saying Slow Burn was waiting for me on my kindle) so i thought to myself Il have a quick read of the first chapter… well its safe to say i didnt go back to sleep and carried on reading whilst making breakfast’s, packed lunches as well as showering.. i could not put it down!

The emotions flowing in this book are crippling with everything that poor Haddie is going through, it honestly makes you feel like your there suffering right along with her.

The guilt is heavy and oppressive, dropping through my soul and occupying my thoughts just as handily as the fear sitting in its worn recliner, where the feeling has made itself comfortable over the past six months. All I keep thinking is, he doesn’t deserve this.

Hell, neither do I.

The heat factor in this book was off the charts –  No seriously, major apologies to my Davey but where can i get me some Becks?

He slips out of me and I sigh with audible satisfaction. His mouth starts the slow descent down to the apex of my thighs, and I whip my head up to look at him. Again? Holy fuck, he’s trying to kill me. He kisses the top of my sex and looks up at me with a salacious look in his eyes.

“I’ve read a woman comes harder the second or third time,” he says. “Be sure to let me know.” He kisses my skin again and chuckles. “Oh, yeah, here comes three.”

I would most definitely recommend this book to all fans and followers of K.Bromberg, believe me you will not be disappointed! Congratulations Kristy on a an amazing release.



Slow Burn 

Slow Burn

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