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Loss… a word Elizabeth Haddington knows only too well. Despite the tragedies she’s endured, she’s been able to rise from the adversity she’s faced and begin her life again. Being a self-assured and strong woman, she knows she doesn’t need anyone to make her whole.
Hate, pain, and twisted memories are all Sawyer Bryant’s ever known. He’d slowly lost who he was and what he should’ve become. His only escape was the military… Eight years later, as an ex-Navy SEAL, he’s forced to confront his father and their disturbed and violent past.
Then one day, his life is turned upside down, when he glimpses a woman singing in her car at a set of traffic lights. Thinking he’d never see her again, amazingly he finds her performing with her band at the local bar. This chance encounter brings these two lost souls together. Once Sawyer gets a taste of her melodic voice, there’s no turning back.
For Elizabeth, when she meets Sawyer… she realizes she’s fallen hard. But is this really love she’s feeling or does love build slowly over time?
What happens when fate turns things around on you, creates flashes you can’t turn from… moments that will shape your life?
They are faced with the choice of darkness surrounding them or to rid themselves of the guilt and pain and move toward the light.
This story is about life’s moments. How they can make you or break you, and one man’s hope that… Love, won’t judge him
5 Stars
From the very first line, I was sucked in to the world of Lizzie & Sawyer. The whole storyline gripped me and I just could not put it down, literally was reading it whilst I was doing the dishes, the washing and making the bed (that was awkward).
This is A M Johnson’s first book, but you would never have been able to tell, the writing was brilliant and you can tell she done research for the plot lines.
I wont go in to too much detail for this book as it is most definitely best left for you to experience your self…
Lizzie experienced a traumatic event during her childhood, which meant she had to grow up tough, she’s a singer who knows how to put on a fake smile and act that everything is OK.
Sawyer is an ex-navy seal – who escaped his home life 8 years ago. He is now back, and trying to move on with his life, when he see a beautiful girl in the car next to his at traffic lights singing and knows shes the one.. shame she drives off in a different direction and he will never see her again…
Little does he know, that his roommate Todd, plays in a band and the lead singer? Well it just happens to be the girl at the traffic lights! They hit it off from the get go, but they have one obstacle in the way – TODD!
Todd, Todd, Todd – man I HATED you throughout this book ! I wanted to throat punch him so badly, and I’m unsure if he will ever be able to be redeemed… I’m trusting you to redeem him A M Johnson!
Will Lizzie be able to be strong enough to support her and Sawyer through their problem? Will Sawyer be able to put his past exactly where it belongs – in the past, so he can explore this new relationship? Will Todd finally get what he wants? Or will Sawyer’s past come and bite them all in the ass?
This was the perfect start to the series, and I am super excited to continue on reading…
Sawyer was the first person to not define me by my parents’ deaths. My past
felt so far away when I was with him. I could let it go. Let them go. My parents’
faces haunted me every night since that day twelve years ago. I was ready to set
the memory free. I felt loved and I wanted him to feel the same. His childhood
was dark and I wanted to shed light onto him, fill his heart with the white light of
love, evicting the blackness that I saw flash across his eyes when he thought
deeply to himself. I wanted him to get better with me. This was crazy. This man,
this idea, this night. I loved him and whatever demons he had, my heart was
ready to move on to something better, and that was Sawyer.
His breathing became even and I chanced a look at his face. His dark
eyelashes fanned down. He looked like an arc angel. I situated myself on my
side so that my body rested against his. I placed my head on his shoulder and
kissed his cheek.
“I love you, too,” I whispered touching the skin of his cheek with my lips. “I do.”
His breathing stopped and I recognized when I looked up that he would be
awake. I lifted up on my forearm and we watched each other in a deep silence.
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Still Life A M Johnson
I’m originally from Florida. I now live in Utah where I am a Full-Time Nurse. I am, however, always first a mother and wife. I began to love reading at a very young age and have toyed with the idea of writing ever since I can remember. I have written lots of bad poetry and have started several stories, but will have my first completed novel published in 2015.
I love all things romance!! I am inspired by the indie romance community as a whole and embrace the title book whore with great pride!
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