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Untitled2Jeez, been a long time since I’ve done an actual blog post. Things have been crazy busy, with all the gazillion ideas I have running around my head. Big Things to come in the future my friends, big things.

First things first though, Wooohooo – big congratulations to me, I recently hit 2500 likes on my blog Facebook page and man does it feel good. I absolutely love being part of the book world and experiencing just how friendly, funny & generous everyone is. Of course there is the odd drama but TBH, I can not be fudged to get involved.  Over the next couple of weeks, I will be running 2 flash giveaways a day with the awesome donations some authors have donated. So make sure you keep an eye on my Facebook page soon..

Secondly, I have recently joined forces with Louisa from Sassy Kiwi Book Blog and set up a Book Promotions company. We were getting tired of seeing new indie authors struggling to promote their work whilst continuing to live their lives which was just resulting in stress and anguish for them – whack on top of the the ridiculous some Promo companies charge, we decided to set up our own little biz for a fraction of the price some of the bigger companies charge. Does it make a difference that our company is smaller then the more well “well known” companies? No, not really –  with Facebook’s messed up reach system, there is no guarantee how many people you posts are gonna reach.  I will be adding a page on this website with all the necessary info on our new company A & L Book Promotions as well as links to the website, Facebook page as well as the expression of interest form.

Thirdly -< is that even a word? Am not sure? Ok so the final thing on the agenda… DUDE – how excited am I for Fictionally Yours, Melbourne in October… WOOWOO! I have T-shirts & Swag to have signed for Giveaways plus I am planning on doing a video diary of the whole trip from departing Auckland Airport to arriving back again a few day later so that should be interesting with my english/kiwi accent thing I have going on . Eekkk – Only 144 days to go…

Ok, I have a few other ideas in the pipeline which I am gonna be keeping to myself at the moment as I’m not sure how to do them, but once I have worked it out, I will make it known.

Once again, I just wanna say thanks for following me, for interacting and for helping me make a tiny splash in this big pond – You do not realize how honored it makes me feel to be sought out to review books and just to interact with some of my favorite authors on a daily basis.

Peace out

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