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Devil may CareBlurbIf only I could click my magic heels and get the hell out of here, but I’m not a girl, and I can’t. And besides, for me, miracles never happen.

I’m crazy. Psychotic. One outburst short of snapping the thin grasp I have on reality. But who can blame me?

We all cope in different ways.

And her way is the most confronting of all.

* * *

This isn’t a love story … or is it?
There isn’t a happily ever after … or is there?
You decide.
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Devil May CareDevil May Care by Max Henry

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fuck a Duck.

This novella fucked me right up, honestly twisted me around like a pretzel. I swear I could not focus reading anything else for like 48 hours after I finished. I could not get Sawyer out of my head…

Sawyer, Sawyer, Sawyer – my poor misunderstood fucked up man – throughout the story, I couldn’t make my mind up to whether I wanted to smack you upside the head, hug you so fricking tight to the boobage area or jump your bones… maybe all three??

I swear I went through every emotion whilst reading this, I laughed, swooned, fanned myself and cried – oh did I cry… just writing this review has me tearing up..

If you are a fan of the Butcher Boys books, please please please read this book and I swear all your preconceived notions on Sawyer will just go flying out of the window and you will just fall in to hard book love with him.
I can not wait to read more..
Bring it on Mrs H, Bring it on!!

Author Bio
I rediscovered my love of reading last year after never really having the time with two small children, and in doing so, realised I didn’t just want to read the books – I wanted to write them.
So I put fingers to keyboard and wrote. Then wrote some more. And before you know it, here I am now.
I decided that at thirty it was high time to stop living a ‘what if’ life and give my dreams a chance. Lost deep in thought one day as I walked the kids in their buggy, I realised that I didn’t want to be an old lady who sat and reflected on her life thinking ‘what if I had tried?’ I wanted to be an old lady who reflected on her life and thought ‘At least I didn’t leave a stone unturned.’

I am me. Life is not to be lived in the shadow of others, doing what you think your peers expect you to. Life is to be lived to the fullest, explored and challenged.
Next time you sit and think ‘what if’, sit and think ‘what if I die tomorrow?’ There is no time like the present.

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