What’s with all the hate?

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I am a firm believer in LOVE IS LOVE.

Who is anyone to judge who should experience the butterfly feeling you get when you think of a certain person, the rush you get when you see their name pop up on the phone or even the nerves of seeing said person face to face.
Whether your male or female, no-one should ever feel like they can’t have these feeling’s due to worrying what people are going to say or think.

Over the last few months, I have got more in to reading M/M romance and it’s just as hot, erotic and emotional as M/F.. if not more, but during this time I have seen so much hate for it over Facebook pages/groups.. whether it’s turning their noses up at M/M book recommendations or reporting pictures.. I don’t get it? You don’t like it.. scroll on past? It takes longer for you to click the photo then report and all that jazz then it would be to just SCROLL ON PAST!!

Due to all that rubbish, I have decided to set a M/M book club group. It will be for book recommendations, discussions, sharing pictures and hopefully eventually have M/M authors come through and do some takeovers so we can get to know the minds behind the works of art we enjoy. If your keen to join the group then please feel free, the main criteria is for you not to be a douche.

Facebook Group – #loveislove – Book Club

Read, Review & Repeat Guys 🙂

Abbey x

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