5 Star Review – Oceans Apart by Emma Fitzgerald

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5 Star Review – Oceans Apart by Emma FitzgeraldOceans Apart (Ocean Dreams Book 1) by Emma Fitzgerald
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I can remember reading this ages ago but I must of been drunk or suffering from Amnesia to not fully remember how much I was in love with Cameron Hart, god that man is just perfect. Like seriously perfect.

I started rereading this today in the laundromat and I must of looked like such a cheesy idiot, sat there giggling at all the things Cam said along with a ridiculous grin on my face.. The story gripped me from the get go with Annie's escape from the US to the sunny shores of Sydney, Australia.

All the secondary characters have stuck with me, and I am most definitely rooting for their very own HEA, I will be keeping an eye for all future releases by Emma that's for sure.

This is your typical romance novel, but with a twist - a more of a life lesson as such. Learning that to be truly happy, you need to make sure your happy with yourself. Whilst, I was angry at Annie for her decisions after hearing some life altering news, I could fully understand where she was coming from in the end. The author packed some emotional scenes/story lines within the story but even with the emotion overload I felt everything was warranted.. it was good to read about their backstories as well as see what help formed all their decisions.

Throughout the book, you can tell Emma either had done her research or has life experience regarding some of the situations - especially when it came to the surfing aspect. I HATE the ocean and have zero ideas about surfing, yet reading the scenes with Cam - I literally felt like I was out in the Ocean with him, experiencing every high he was going through.

5 Star review from this debut author. Well deserved.


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