REVIEW – Feel (Sovereign #3) by @bjharveyauthor

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REVIEW – Feel (Sovereign #3) by @bjharveyauthorFeel Goodreads

I’m in love with two men. One came crashing into my life like a whirlwind, equal parts thrill and destruction. The other is like a calm sea, weathering the storm with me, offering me comfort and stability and promising to fight for me until the bitter end.

I have to make a decision. Who do I choose?

Barrett Matthews is a force to be reckoned with, and he has made it his mission to win me over.

Aiden Lawrence has had a piece of my heart from the very beginning and has never let me down.

Both men can make me happy; both men can keep me safe.

In the end, my heart will break whoever I choose.

My only hope is that I can survive the decision I make.

♥ Review ♥

Now this one I kinda struggled with my connection to the heroine Alyssa.

I didn’t fully understand her actions through part 3 of the Sovereign series, her constant back and forth between Barrett & Aiden was frustrating and one of the main reasons why I avoid love triangle stories – the anxiety and stress over what character will get chosen kills me.

Whilst her actions annoyed me, I still deeply felt her physical and emotional connection with both men and I too was eager to see who she would finally end up with.

The side storyline running along regarding her mum and Gavin was interesting and suspenseful and not once did I see what happened coming which is always a plus.

Even though I felt no connection to one of the main characters, BJ has put together a serial series that is easily enjoyed, well written and streamy to boot.

A very well done finale to this series.


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