Review – Nothing Special V by A.E Via

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Review – Nothing Special V by A.E ViaNothing Special V (Nothing Special, #5) by A.E. Via
Published by Via Star Wings Publishing on December 12th 2016
Pages: 391
Source: ARC
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The boys are back and fiercer than ever!
"We were a unit tonight, moving as one.
Even apart, we are deadly, but when combined – we are f**kin’ unstoppable." ~~ God ~~

Atlanta's notorious narcotics task force is at it again. They are stronger, bigger, and better than ever. Especially when a city councilman sends RECON Marine, Edwin Steele - who’s been blacklisted from his Oakland department - to join the team. God and Day weren't recruiting. They have a lot on their plates, like the fact they're supposed to be getting married soon. They don't have the time or the patience to integrate a decorated war hero with a slight chip on his shoulder into their well-oiled machine.

A hothead that's uncontrollable and terrible with authority… but wasn’t that their team motto?

Steele was ready to hang up his shield. He was done fighting with bigoted bastards that couldn't respect the job. He was good at fighting; he just needed the right team to fight with. When his uncle - City Councilman, Rasmus Steele - shows him a video of God's team in action, he knows right away, it's where his nephew belongs in order to restore his faith.
Steele pointed to the driver, a behemoth of a man wielding those massive firearms like a true beast… like a soldier.

“And him. Who the hell is he?”
“That’s your new boss. Lieutenant Cashel Godfrey… they call him… God.”

Steele was skeptical about his new placement, but when he meets God's technology specialist/computer genius, “Tech,” he's willing to give it his all, and he definitely shows and proves.

Tech is stunning. His sweater vest and khakis, a stark contrast to the blue-jeaned roughnecks he works with. A beautiful sheep amongst the wolves. Steel thinks there's no way the brilliant man would be interested in a hardhead like him, but Tech has a few badass hidden talents of his own and manages to fool him... fool all of them.

This story is a part of a series but can stand alone.



Damn, I loved being back in A.E Via’s world she has created for these guys, after frantically binge reading the series, and I mean frantically as I could not get enough of the characters and sub plots running throughout the series.

Nothing Special V was no different, and as soon as I had this baby on my Kindle, you bet your sweet ass I stopped what I was doing and jumped straight in. I read it when I was getting my children ready for school, during my breaks at work… and I may or may not of read at my desk, waiting to pick my children up as well as in bed that night.



This book went out of the norm of Ms Via’s usual styles with havign various characters POV’s all whilst running the same storyline – I enjoyed the way it was laid out that way, being able to get back into the minds of previous characters made for a more enjoyable reading experience.

I loved reading more about Tech, and seeing his story come to life – what a dark horse he turned out to me.

There isn’t much I can say that wouldn’t give the story away, however I will say during some parts my heart was in my mouth and I was constantly questioning myself trying to predict what was gonna happen and every time I was wrong.

Thoroughly enjoyed, and fans of the series will definitely enjoy this next installment. Great character connections, suspenseful storyline, sexual chemistry through the roof and hot alpha male sex – all the making of a great book.

My only downfall it that i neeeeeeed more Curtis and Geneisis, whilst I enjoyed catching up with them in Nothing Special V, i need more.


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