Review // Toad by Cambria Hebert

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Review // Toad by Cambria HebertToad : A Public Enemy Standalone by Cambria Hebert
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Another book, another winner.

“Officer Flintstone?” I murmured as we both stared at the tape. “It was a prize in my Fruity Pebbles,” he replied. “I keep it in my wallet. Never know when it might come in handy.”

^ I literally woke my husband up laughing whilst reading this line. The humour and banter coursing through the pages was exciting and hella funny. So many one liners had me laughing out loud.

Nate isn’t your usual main character, he wasn’t perfect, all American jock with the “Adonis” looks, he was real. He had red hair, was addicted to his favourite brand of cereal and had next to no control over his mouth filter but he was probably one of the best MC’s I have read in a while (excluding all Ms Hebert’s Books).

I loved how we seen Aerie grow, when we first met her she was rude, aloof and very self centered but once you get further into the story and see all those layers pulled back, it was heart breaking to hear all that she went through.

Aerie and Nate are one for the record Books, I truly recommend for all to read this masterpiece.

Toad by Cambria Hebert
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Aerie Boone is a toad.
At least according to every news outlet and online hater imaginable.

Accusations of lip-syncing.
Rumors of being dropped by my label.
Reports of celebrity feuds and rivalries.
And then there’s my personal favorite…
The pending annulment of a marriage I can’t even remember agreeing to.
When you’re the sweetheart of country music, being a headline is a given.
Living the headline is more of an uninvited surprise.
I’m barely recognized for the massive success I’ve had.
Now I’m famous because people love to hate me.
I’m a public enemy, but no one knows my side of the story.
I’m beginning to think it doesn’t even matter.
I’m burned out, hurting, and everyone thinks I have warts. Ew.
Becoming a shut-in is exactly what the doctor ordered.
Too bad my label has other ideas.
They send me a solution…
In the form of a red-haired, green-eyed man who wears sarcasm like armor.
I don’t want a stranger in my house.
I don’t want Nate.
All I want is to go back to a time when I wasn’t a toad.
When I was country music’s princess.
But going back is impossible.
Moving forward will change everything.


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