Need a new set of eyes on your manuscript before it goes to edit?
I am now offering a beta reading service to authors with a short turnaround time of 3-4 days.

With this service, I will go over your Word doc and read through your book, I will make comments if I feel like something is lacking, strange or just doesn’t fit. I will give you my opinion on what to add, take away or reword.

I will then email your story back to you with track changes, and await for your reply, I will then go back over the parts you have changed with my suggestions to see if your book flows better.

– Please Note – I would need to see the blurb, genre and hear the general outline of the story before I will accept a manuscript, this is purely down to the fact that I would need to be able to connect to your story on some level to be able to give you the service you and your book deserves.

I prefer taking completed books as I find it better to get a real feel for the story and to notice plot holes better. At the end of the manuscript, I will then type up a paragraph or two detailing what I felt overall, and what some of the stand out parts were both good and bad.

Please do not be offended, I am honest in my opinions, and am not out there to be mean or malicious, I simply want you to release the best possible book you can do.


Novella (up to 40,000 words) – $20 USD
Novel (
up to 75,000 words) – $35 USD
Novel (
over 75,000 words) – $35 USD base rate + $2.50 for every 5,000 over

Payments to be made via Paypal – Invoices will be sent prior to work commencing and will have an expiry date of a week. Should you need an extension for whatever reason, please let me know at time of booking 🙂 

Please contact me on with the subject line BETA READ for more info and to discuss further 🙂


“Abbey is a valued beta reader on my team.
With both Desertion and Infatuation she managed to push me where I needed it most.
Her candid honesty and attention to detail is a rarity when looking for a great Beta reader, and exactly what I need to polish off a story.”
River Savage – USA TODAY Bestselling Author

“The most important qualities I look for in a beta reader are honesty, and the ability to provide constructive criticism. Abbey gives me both of those, and for that I can truly say I’m beyond grateful. Her eye for detail is amazing, and more often than not, she’s the outside point of view I need to smooth the rough edges. I would highly recommend her to anybody looking for a beta reader to help polish their work.”
Max Henry – dark romance author

“Abbey was the first person to ever message me saying, “if you tweak your story here- it goes from good, to great.” She has given me honest- real feedback on every book I’ve written, taking a suggestion and turning it into a great friendship. We have worked together for 8 months now and I feel I’m a better writer now because of her. She’s quick to pick up choppy places that need smoothed out a bit and I highly recommend her.”
Sapphire Knight – International Bestselling Author

“Abbey is by far the best beta I’ve worked with. She picks up on small details that others oversee, making sure that the story flows effortlessly. Her honesty and keen eye have made her one of the most valuable members of my team.”
JB Heller – indie author